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How it all began...

Hi, I am Dr Haris Ali, a passionate doctor committed to my field and enthusiastic about inspiring others.

During my medical school days, I discovered the immense value of mastering suturing techniques. This skill not only elevated my abilities beyond my peers but also paved the way for a memorable moment; during rotations, I was called upon by a surgeon to suture a patient—a task I had practiced diligently with suture kits. To my surprise, my performance as a student left a lasting impression on the surgeon.

It dawned on me that many of my fellow students shared the same need and this inspired me to bridge the knowledge gap by making these kits available to all.

I am firmly convinced that:

  • Every medical student should have the chance to refine their suturing skills before embarking on their professional journey.
  • Aspiring healthcare professionals can showcase their dedication to their chosen path by developing suturing proficiency.
  • Surgeons, too, should dedicate themselves to continuous practice, striving to accumulate the valuable experience that comes with ten thousand hours of effort.

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Thank you I just received the kit and it's soo good




How much does delivery cost?

For orders above £10 in the UK, delivery is completely free. For orders under £10, shipping costs £2.50.

What if i run out of sutures?

You can place orders for packs of 5 sutures with us any time!

How can i learn the different suture patterns?

There are plenty of videos online, but if you would like 1-on-1 guidance, drop us an email us at to find out how to book a session with an expert!

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